Medical Plan Cost Estimator

Step 1: Tell us about you

Step 2: Enter your expected plan usage here

For definitions of High, Medium or Low in the "Quick scenario" tab, click on "healthcare usage" below. Or, to customize the comparison for you and your family´s healthcare usage, select the "My own scenario" tab and enter the frequency by medical plan service.

Step 3: See what you will spend here

CDHP OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES: When using this tool, remember that Villanova contributes to the HSA under the CDHP. For this reason, if your estimated out-of-pocket costs for the CDHP are less than or equal to Villanova's contributions to your HSA, the tool will not show any out-of-pocket costs for you.

Step 4: Health Savings Account (HSA)

I am under age 55
I'm age 55 or older and I want to contribute more to my HSA as the law allows (up to an additional $1,000).
Slide this bar to see how your HSA contributions can help you cover your out-of-pocket healthcare costs.
My desired HSA contribution:
Your HSA contribution*
Company funding
Company Match
Potential rollover amount
* amount subjected to corresponding plan limits
More about the savings accounts.

Step 5: Find out how you can save on taxes

When you finish estimating your healthcare costs, use the results to decide which tax savings vehicle applies to your plan.

Tax Calculator

Plan: Plan Name

Use the sliders on the right to estimate your eligible expenses not covered by the plan for the upcoming plan year.

Income tax filing status:
Income tax filing status:
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